Your contribution counts!

  • 100% of your donation given through this Donation page go directly to cover the cost of the designated program(s).
  • Individuals and organizations donating $500 or more will be named and listed as contributors to that program on the website.
  • Individuals and organizations donating the total amount below for a designated program will be listed as sponsors of a school's scholarships or a specific program. (For more information about sponsorships, contact us at 480-244-3472.)
  • Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

Here are examples of what your donation will help support:

  • Ethics Essay Contest: $2,000 sponsors one high school and includes junior and senior winner scholarships and teachers honoraria
  • Kids and Risk: $2,500 sponsors a Goals Realization program at one agency that works with kids at risk
  • Families in Crisis: $3,000 sponsors a Goals Realization Program at one agency that works with parents of families in crisis (homeless, unemployed, domestic violence, residential sobriety)
  • Do What is Right!: $5,000 underwrites the cost of supplying the Do What Is Right! program to a grade school
  • General: All donations given here are applied to the above programs to help defray cost of developing, revising, and administering our work to build ethical communities.

For more information about how to assist the work of The Williams Institute, please email us or call at 480-517-1891.